Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Schlage lock and Vera

I have yet to figure out how to change the batteries in the (*&(%^ thing without the Vera losing track of it. At this point, when I change batteries, I have to reset the lock to factory defaults before I can get it working on my ZWave network again. Of course to reset it and re-pair it, it has to be removed from the door. Not inconvenient at all...

One thing I did learn, though, is that to reset to factory defaults you only have to disconnect the 9Volt; not the other battery pack too.

Ok, Finally success. It turns out my AA batteries were dead. Apparently they must run the ZWave. (I'm not sure what battery engages the motor.) I never suspected the AA because I had just swapped them out 1 month ago. When I did the battery swap, the lock was no longer paired with Vera, but I didn't have time to screw with it. (Because I figured I would have to remove the lock from the door etc...) All I can figure is that while the lock was not paired, maybe it was using more power trying to get configured or re-synced or something... (Or maybe it was just a bad set of batteries... who knows...)

Once I changed the AA batteries, the lock paired the first try. All is good again... for now.

Ok, time to change the batteries again.  The UI reports battery level for the lock is 1% (!), yet it still seems to work fine...

Anyway, once again, afaik, the 9Volt controls the mechanical motor; the AAs power the ZWave radio.  Now what does the gui report the level of?

Update:  Now I have a battery tester.  The orange light was coming on on the deadbolt when I'd enter a code, so I knew the batteries were low.  I checked the 9V and it reported fine, I checked the AAs and they all reported low.  So I gather the gui shows the level of the AAs.

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