Thursday, January 27, 2011

BES not starting after server reboot

We have BES installed on a SBS2003. When the server reboots, BES does not come up. I believe this has to do with service dependencies. I added a dependency for Router and Dispatcher. I made them depend on the SQL server instance. I'm hoping this will fix the problem. Here is the cmd line I used:

C:\Documents and Settings\avp>sc config "BlackBerry Dispatcher" depend= MSSQL$BLACKBERRY/lanmanworkstation/eventlog/ntlmssp/MSExchangeIS


C:\Documents and Settings\avp>sc config "BlackBerry Router" depend= MSSQL$BLACKBERRY/lanmanworkstation/eventlog

3 things to note:

1. There is a space after "depend="
2. when I first used "sc config" I tried to just add the dependency, but this command replaces the dependencies. So I think I have the right dependencies for Router svc...
3. you need to use whatever SQL instance name you have; mine is called MSSQL$BLACKBERRY

When I reboot the server next, I will confirm whether this works or not...

Confirmed.  This did the trick, when the server reboots now, BES comes up functional.

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