Monday, May 25, 2009

NT Backup

I've got a lot to learn about this thing, and I'm going to document my struggles here...

SBS 2003 - trying to make this work right with NTBackup, and get it running optimally...

Trying to get email notifications of failures... Ok got this working as well. I had to go into the Health Monitor (under Administrative Tools...) and change the SMTP server from LOCALHOST to a the real domain name for my server (something like I also re-ran the Set Up Monitoring and Reports Wizrd and used the domain users' names (instead of the full email addresses). So in my case instead of, I just used gsmith.

I've just started to try some of these improvements, and my back times have been *significantly* reduced.

To summarize:
  1. I modified bkprunner.exe with XVI32.exe (free binary editor).
  2. I modified the Registry hive for SBS Backup User
I think that was it. Huge improvement.

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